Hassle free flashlight apps for android

Hassle free flashlight apps for android

Flashlight apps have been under limelight for the wrong reasons some time back for information they collect without your consent and sell them to third parties. I suppose this was why these apps were available free. And these did not have any advertisements too.  But since many were not comfortable about their information being sold to third parties just because they get the app free, there was quite a bit of ruckus over the entire issue.

That is why I’ve compiled this list of flashlight apps that these do not come with any tags such as tracking your location, text messages or call logs and the only permission these use is turning your camera LED on to use it as flashlight.

Color Flashlight app

This app has plenty of features with the lowest permission and standard feature of turning the LED flash situated on the backside of your mobile. The additional features include turning the phone screen into a form of flashlight with different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. Although it comes with ads, it does not transmit your data, so is good on that front.

Flashlight by mobile apps

This app from mobile apps Inc. has a good interface and inbuilt SOS signal for using it alongside a slider to strobe in other different patterns. An additional feature in this app is the compass, which helps you when you are out in the wild and are in need of compass and flashlight at the same time. I’ve this app in my phone and it is very good. Speaking of LED flashlights, I also have a nice LED light bar fixed to my car so I need not worry, while driving at night on the highways or inside the city.

Flashlight by Simgears

This app has four widgets, which can be placed on your lock screen and home screen for easy access. The built-in functionality of the app makes it turn off automatically, when you place the phone in your pocket or bag saving battery life and time. The light stays on even after you lock your screen. The ads present can be disabled, if they annoy you.

HD LED flashlight

This app uses home screen backlight and LED flash of your phone’s camera for the flashlight. It is controlled by the widget on your home screen. With the app, you can make your home scree function as flashlight and you get to choose the color you want. Other than these features, it is a simple light without any additional or advanced features.

Mega flashlight

This flashlight works both in the LED flash present on the backside of your phone and on the screen of your phone. The device can strobe into different patterns based on the situation including Morse code and emergency.

Privacy flashlight

This is by SnoopWall and as the name suggests gives you as much privacy as possible. In addition to using minimal permission, the app is just 1 MB in size, making it easily one of the smallest in the category. The app interface and widget are also minimal.

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Meet Your Best Sports Buddy – Cyclemeter IPhone App

Meet Your Best Sports Buddy – Cyclemeter IPhone App

To be honest, I’ve come across quite a number of fitness apps and bike apps but I can confidently declare that cyclemeter is full featured and the most comprehensive app I have encountered. With the cyclemeter you don’t need to use a training log and web-browser-based mapping, everything is in the phone. Thanks to the Cyclemeter maker’s Abvio approach.

Cyclemeter has proved to be the most advanced ever designed application for cyclists. This app has been designed specifically for those who find joy in mountain and /or road biking. With the Cyclemeter your iPhone is turned into a great cycling computer it has graphs, intervals, laps, splits, maps, zones, announcements, training plans and many more. Just like the Wahoo Fitness, it has a wealth of customizable options during your riding expedition. Taking the example of an excellent teacher who always analyzes the students’ performance, Cyclemeter saves information and gives you a post-ride analysis which helps you improve on your ride time you took before or planning a ride that is more challenging. In addition, you do not require logging in to any site: the data is on your iPhone.

Features and On-the-Road Testing

Meet Your Best Sports Buddy - Cyclemeter IPhone AppTo start ride tracking, touch the app’s stopwatch icon and immediately a customizable screen with the activity, root name, fields for ride time, distance, speed, average speed, miles yet to be covered and fastest speed. This information will be a useful source for real-time data in case the iPhone was placed on the handlebar.

Cyclemeter gives you a number of ways to capture and manage your data. Let’s go back so that you get the point here. Before you start using the app, you may enter items like your age, gender and weight as set up data. This data will help the app determine the calorie burn stats accurately. Interestingly, you can specify different bikes, set voice prompts, give specifications on how you want the app to present its maps and many more.

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Organise Your Life With Evernote App

Organise Your Life With Evernote App

For a long time, I was skeptical! I never wanted to give Evernote a try much as I kept hearing how amazing it was. The app could store all you possibly needed, make it available whenever you required it, and how scores of people couldn’t imagine living without it. I gave it a try for a number of times, but it never appealed to me until now.

Each time we say about Evernote, a good fraction of you repeat the same thing: “you have tried it every other time and seen no difference”. Congratulations to myself because I longer belong to that camp of doubting Thomas, I am now a free man who’s enjoying the benefits brought about by Evernote. However, my worry is the length of time you will remain undecided! Here is what you dearly miss about Evernote.

It’s the Difference Between a Scrapbook and a Notebook.

As I have indicated earlier, I used Evernote for a while but never liked it and so switched to simplenote for some time. Circumstances compelled me to look for an alternative to the simplenote because there are times when I wanted to add a few images to my notes but the simplenote couldn’t execute the task. What was the option? I had to go back to Evernote, and this time round it worked miracles.

I came to discover that the Evernote wants you to jump into it on both of your feet! It is of little help if you use it for a few isolated tasks! The truth is, it does not do any one thing perfectly, and because it’s voluminous, it takes time to load into memory.

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Must Have Apps For Your Smartphone or Tablet

The condition of your gadget does not matter. It could be brand-new (congrats!) or you may have used it for a while now, tablets and smartphones are full of amazing possibilities. There are a number of things to do!

There are more apps than you can imagine and still more are on the way coming to the market. How will you tell those that you can give a try?

Just relax and take a deep breath!  You do not have to dive all at once. Here is a kit to start you off! I am giving you a number of must-have apps that you are most likely to use throughout the lifetime of your tablet or smartphone.

As you get accustomed to your new phone, give the following apps a try. Trust me that your try will not be in vain. There is nothing to wait for even if you are a seasoned smartphone or tablet user. Go for the apps now!

Prey (iOS, Android)

One of the most essential app that your smartphone or tablet must have is a security app. Prey ensures that your gadget is secure.

In case your gadget is lost or stolen, Prey will certainly help you recover it. It is able to take pictures of the thief’s face and then sends a message to your computer informing you the gadgets whereabouts so that you can get it back.

Chrome (iOS, Android)

Chrome is one of the most downplayed, but very important app you will find joy to download. Google Chrome is among the best browsers that you can ever find. It’s true that your phone never came with it out of the box, and amazingly, your tablet most likely don’t have it either!

This mobile browser has numerous advantages: it’s faster, more secure and customizable. You can easily sync it with your desktop Chrome and do importation of all your bookmarks, passwords and favorites. It also has an incognito mode! You will be browsing a lot with your new smartphone, so you may as well do it right.

Onavo Extend (iOS, Android)

To speak the truth; YouTube watching will definitely eat a large portion of your data plan. Onavo Extend comes into your rescue in case you do not have Wifi as your best bet to use.

This app, free of course, automatically compresses the data you receive and send and can get up to five times more data from your plan. It also keeps watch on the usage and delivers reports to you on which apps are hogging your valuable data.

Facebook (iOS, Android, WP8)

Facebook can be called the humanity’s social heartbeat and is readily available as apps for tablets and smartphones.

With the apps, you will be able to see your news feed, upload videos and photos and post updates wherever you are on Facebook. All that you love and hate about Facebook is streamlined for your hand’s palm and available in the mobile app.

Google Maps (iOS, Android, WP8) 

Those days when you could stand stranded without knowing the route to follow in an unfamiliar place are now gone.  Google Maps offers you the solutions for all things geographical.

You can find public transit maps, walking directions, driving directions and more. Google Maps works hand in hand with GPS sensors that are in-built in your phone to pinpoint your location.

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Review of Garden Plan Pro

Review of Garden Plan Pro

Garden Plan Pro is a mobile app that has helps  gardeners who need help to grow their plants efficiently . If you’re not familiar with the best times for growing certain plants in your city, Garden Plan Pro has data from over 20 countries to give you advice on when the ideal times are for planting certain crops. If you’re planting indoors using grow lights, you’ll receive advice on how you can rotate the crops and other tips on caring for them.

Setting Up Your App Is Easy

When you first download the Garden Plan Pro, it detects your location and you would then enter in your address so that the app will assist you according to where you live. Garden Plan Pro gives you the latest weather forecast and twice a month you’ll receive reminders to plant your crops. If you need in depth advice as a first time gardener, this mobile app links you to the latest gardening articles based on your needs.

Process of Planning Garden With The App

After you measure the space of your garden, you go the “New Plan” section of the app and then you would enter in your name, the garden’s size, and the time which you plan to grow the plants in that garden. Once this setting is in place you’ll begin the design process on your garden planning. There is the “Add” feature that lets you add the plants you want in the garden and then there is the “Selection” section where you’re able to move around plants you added in the design plan. This app also comes with pre programmed shapes and colors to help with the overall design.

Search Feature For Looking Up Plants

Another cool thing about Garden Plan Pro is that it includes a search feature that allows you to look up and do research on diverse flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Once you researched certain plants you would choose the ones you want and add them in rows to the design feature.

Ideal For Newbie Gardeners

If this is your first time planting a garden, the Garden Plan Pro is a handy tool because the design scheme is easy to understand and unlike the more technical instructional books for gardeners, this app gives simplistic yet not too plain advice on how you can plant your garden right. The visual effects in this app also mke the gardening process easy.


Gardening is not always an easy task and for beginning gardeners, it’s a matter of trial and error. Thanks to Garden Plan Pro you’ll have a better idea of how the garden should look before you even head outside to plant it. You may even get inspired to plant crops you never thought about planting

and this means a more beautiful garden for you. Finally, for those who have indoor grow lights for indoor gardens, the app gives them information about the latest grow light technology available on the market.

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Landscaping Apps

Landscaping AppsIt might not seem so likely, but there are actually many apps which exist solely to help promising landscapers in turning the projects they have imagined in their heads into actual yards, flower beds, garden spaces and tree rows. Landscaping is about a lot more than just shoveling dirt or planting things after all – there is judging available space and figuring out the most constructive way to use that space, and that’s something that happens with many projects related to this field. With all this said, if you’re thinking of doing some landscaping of your own, you might want to check out the following apps first.

The iScape app is available on both Apple devices and the Google store, so it can be used across a wide variety of different mediums. As far as landscaping apps go, it’s one of the best available today. Not only does the app come with a reliable database featuring all kinds of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as average sizes and good pictures for all of these, but the app also helps you in plotting out how to plant in a given area. It’s good for much more than gardening too, so if you need something for a work setting rather than home, iScape still fits the bill.

With such a quality app coming first, the others on this short list will have to do something great to compete. The thing is, they do. The Patio Tip app is rather specialized in that it deals with building patios, decks and similar spaces specifically, but that’s actually a great thing if that’s what you’re looking to do with your yard space. It’s also $2, which is way less than you’d probably pay to get a consultation on the matter from some contractor. It even has information on building patios and the tools you may need for the job, like steel pole saws for removing branches and creating a sunny space.

Landscaping AppsAs any professional landscaper knows, there is more to doing an excellent job than just plotting out how to divide up a piece of land and plant on it. You have to be able to show clients what they can expect when you’re done before you start, so you can get them to commit to you and make that contract in the first place. The Photosynth app allows you to take a series of different images and present them in a unique way for the viewer, which may be helpful towards selling a particular design. You could use many potential “after” pictures to show all the different ways the project could go.

PRO Landscape Companion is another top-end piece of landscaping software available for many smart devices. It’s the only app on this list designed by Drafix Software, which happens to be an industry leader in professional landscaping software. If you’re looking for something with all the bells and whistles, this is an app which would be worth considering further. It allows you to essentially create a landscaping project on a canvas which can be wiped clean afterward, giving you infinite (and more important, free) opportunities to create the perfect design before beginning a job.

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Top golf apps to perfect your game

Whether you are beginner in golf or a pro at it, golfing can be quite an addictive sport. At the same time, it is a complex game, which leaves you feeling like a pro sometimes and a newbie rest of the time. As in any other game, practice is needed in golf to perfect it. Even pros need regular and dedicated practice to continue playing the game perfectly. Here are some apps that help you get better at the game.

Top golf apps to perfect your game

Golf Genie Practice Drills Pro

This is a virtual instructor providing several practice drills for both short golf game and full swing. The app also has specific drills for golf faults such as slicing, hooking, pushing, and pulling. The customization feature lets you choose the drills you want to perfect and you can make a personalized routine for practice too.

U.S. Golf Courses

This is a golf course directory providing a list of all the major courses present in each state. The list consists of over 13,500 golf courses. Additionally the app offers information on the bunker, grass, facilities present, contact details and much more. The app comes with a GPS feature that lets you look for the nearest available golf course. For knowing about the right golf gear, you can also visit Golfoid.com.

Golf shot

This golf GPS app gives the map of a course in detail from the course layout to every hole present. The GPS can track over 35,000 courses globally. Golfers can get aerial view, distance from the hole and the right pin placement for accuracy. Handicap calculator is also present. When you enter the stroke information, the app creates accurate statistical graphs of your performance, so you know the extent of improvement you have made. While the price of the app is on the higher side, it is much cheaper than what you pay for a golf round. Since it puts you on the right track, the expense is worth it.

Golf’s Greatest Destinations

Top golf apps to perfect your gameThis app provides information on the best golf courses. You can search for beautiful destinations from the various categories present such as Best Desert Courses, Best course for Low Handicappers etc. Each course listed has detailed information on the amenities provided with images accompanying the information.

Whether you are a professional player or novice, the importance of right golf gear cannot be ignored. Together with the course information, gear and the right golf accessories, click here, you can concentrate on the game in a better way and perfect it hitting the greens consistently and scoring commendably.

V1 Golf

This app features videos predominantly, as videos are the best medium to learn the shots better. You can easily correct your faults with these videos. The app also provides analysis of your swing and makes comparisons with that of pros, so you can know the right adjustments to do to prevent the faults. It is possible to draw on the video screen to gauge the straight line of your drive. Split screen is also present for comparing swings. The shots can be watched in slow motion too.

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Apps – best fruit of technology

Apps – best fruit of technology

Man is said to be the most innovative and complex innovation of nature. It has got a mind to think, judge and come to conclusion on things that it sees around it. Man is the most advanced of all species and with this amount of intellectual capability one will surely have the curiosity to know more, more than what it can perceive and naturally accomplish. There comes the avid curiosity of man to know what lies in the future.

The strives to know the tomorrow, made man to imagine and fantasize about things in literature initially and then the dice rolled to science fiction. There are many inventions in fact which are directly or indirectly inspired from popular science fiction stories and movies and even at certain points, television shows.

Then came along internet and you were the king of the world if you possessed its ultimate powers. A device to run the internet and you can gather information from any part of the world on almost anything. This proved to be the ultimate tool of knowledge and with the likes of the well developed browsers you can search and know about anything. Take for instance if you want to go through a list of musical instruments or want to get an expert comment on the kind of violin you want to have for yourself you can simply click on to http://violinio.com/ and voila! You do not have to go and search for experts door to door.

Apps – best fruit of technologyThen yet again came along the next big thing. Applications in smart phones have made our lives a lot easier. A click in the app and you will know what you want to know. From flights and train tickets to learning computer programming, there is an app for everything. You do not have to take the trouble to go to the browser and open it and search for the thing you want by typing it. An app reduces the time and energy expense for eliminating the middlemen and getting you directly hooked to the thing you want.

Today, there is an app from every site and for every purpose. The online shopping sites, the hospitals and even an individual has an app. Window shopping has a whole new meaning these days. Once installed, the app upgrades itself to accommodate new and interesting features to help you better. If you want to know, who is the best interior designer for your house or in town or want to know what kinds of musical instrument will suit your child best – a piano or a guitar or a nice violin – you will definitely find an app to get the best information.

There are even internet sites and applications, and even television and internet shows which will guide to know which app is the best now or which app will serve you best in what genre.

Well, in today it can be definitely said that an app a day will save your day.

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Apps That Will Keep Your Children Safe

Apps That Will Keep Your Children SafeFor couples with children, safety is one of the greatest concerns. Since most people lead rather hectic lives and are forced to commute on a daily basis, keeping the children in sight tends to be a challenging task. Fortunately, the advancements in technology have made it much easier, especially now that there are so many different mobile applications for all sorts of purposes. Apart from other safety apps, there is a large number of those that have been specially designed to allow you to take better care of your little ones. In the following paragraphs, we are going to introduce you to some of the more popular ones.

Sygic Family

This is an app that allows you to keep track of your family members’ whereabouts. Provided that all your children have a smartphone, and that they are all turned on, by using this app, you will be able to locate them and check their battery levels, as well as mark certain locations as unsafe zones. Apart from the tracker, the app is also equipped with a messaging system that will allow your children to send text messages free of charge.

iAlert Car Seat App

In the event of a car crash, a quality car seat will save your child’s life, especially now that they are making them from incredibly sturdy materials. But you can never take enough safety precautions, can you? This is what the developers had in mind when they released the iAlert Car Seat App, a mobile application that could revolutionize the way we keep our children safe. Its main purpose is to notify you whenever there is something that could endanger your child’s life, such as the seat itself not being secured in place.

It is especially practical for parents who own small cars, and can’t even look back to check on their children. If you are among them, consider downloading the iAlert Car Seat App and buying a seat specially designed for smaller cars, such as this one: http://carseatexperts.com/best-convertible-car-seat-for-a-small-car/.


This app will allow you to keep track of your child’s online activities without any breach of privacy. It works by simply alerting you everytime there are signs of crude language or any type of bullying. For now, its use it limited to Facebook, but it will soon be available for use on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Google Latitude

Google LatitudeThis app is an amazing tracking tool, but also very easy to use. All you need to do is add your family members to your contact list, and open the app whenever you need to check their whereabouts. It also provides you with an intuitive messaging board.


This one will not only help you keep your children safe, but also provide you with information on how much time they spend using their phones. What makes it really great in terms of safety is the fact that it alerts you every time your children add a new contact to their friend list, as well as each time they turn on their phones when they should be sleeping.

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Be a Barbecue Master with These Apps

Be a Barbecue Master with These Apps

If you’re an owner of a smartphone, tablet or other “intelligent” device, then you’ve probably heard a phrase before: “There’s an app for that.” That’s quite the true phrase, if you ask me. There are really apps for everything, from improving your boxing moves to preparing better food. In fact, there are a few different apps I can think of right now that will help to improve the flavor, tenderness and appearance of barbecued foods. I don’t just mean ribs or steaks either – you could probably make better carrots, potatoes and other vegetables with the help of the following apps:


This is one nifty app, let me tell you. Not only will GrillTime work as an effective timer for your grilling, but it will also come up with startlingly specific grill times based on the type of meat, the thickness of the cut and the level of heat coming from the coals. If you plug accurate information into the app, it gives you an accurate reading for how long to cook your meat.

Barbecues and Grilling

This bit of software from App Cookies features a horde of recipes, as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare each of these. It comes with special sections for barbecuing, gas grilling and char grilling. A warning though: this app features some pretty detailed recipes. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are new to the game of grilling. New grillers should know – for a good piece of roasted meat you should have a good smoker. Check out examples of top smokers.

Weber Grills

If you’re just starting off, this app will probably be more helpful to you than the last one. It features 75 recipes which change up every Friday. That means 300 different recipes, every month. Or at least it looks like it means that. I have noticed that some recipes tend to repeat, but this is still an amazing amount of content and information, guaranteed useful for any griller. To top it off, the app is free. Hard to beat that kind of price, eh?

The Photo Cookbook – Barbecue Grilling

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your barbecued food, then this is an app you should give a closer look. It comes with lots of high-quality photos accompanying dishes, so you know what the food you’re making should look like when you’re finished preparing it. There are four sections in the app, for the four different things you can grill – Poultry, Meat, Vegetables and Cheese, and Fish and Seafood. There’s a wealth of information here, so check it out if your barbecue work is stale.

Now that I’ve served up four distinctly good apps to improve your grilling game, maybe you could do me a little favor. Read up on the equipment you’re using before you botch another barbecue. Additional info regarding smokers can be found at this website, but you owe it to yourself to read up about things like non-stick grill spray, coal starters, sauce brushes and more. An educated griller is a good griller.

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Smarter ways with a smart phone

Smarter ways with a smart phoneThe world is moving at a great speed. Not literally of course because the speed of this sphere is still the same as it is moving and rotating on its axis. But if we consider the developments that are taking place in and around us every day we must acknowledge the momentum that the world has attained in the last few years in the path of its progress. This really is fascinating.

The development and the advancement in the name of progress have touched many lives and we may find really a few countable at hand who are safe from its touch. But this is Midas and his touch of gold. Though the touch of technology may change the face and the being of anything, though the touch of technology might change the price of that thing and take its price to the highest order, often we would find that the real value of the that particular thing might get ultimately lost.

As Oscar Wilde once said in Lady Windermere’s Fan,

“Cecil Graham: What is a cynic?

Lord Darlington: A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Cecil Graham: And a sentimentalist, my dear Darlington, is a man who sees an absurd value in everything and doesn’t know the market price of any single thing.”

We too must try to understand the value behind the price of the things that are available around us.

The virtual world of mobile cell phone has come down to us as a great boon of science. It has been a stuff of great potential and has really changed the world around. With this small piece of technology in our hands we are really the one who can reach the limits of sky, and how to do stuffs like that, you can read more here. Then these mobile handsets turning into smart phones, the ways are really getting smarter.

Smarter ways with a smart phone

Smart phones have really changed our lives. With the coming of the iPhones followed by the smart phones on different platforms, they have changed our perception towards technology. The world is now in our pockets. It is in the grasp of our palms, the power to do whatever we want to do. The computer is so simple now, both in terms of use and in terms of the convenience to carry as well.

Apps just added the cherry to the cake. The technology behind it makes us enabled to work and have fun in whatever way we want, whenever we want and on our terms. The power we possess on our figure tips makes us empowered to get things just online, and we mean anything and that too without visiting the websites of the purchasers. We now need not to just hang around the slow servers. If we want some fun time then instead of visiting http://jumpsportland.com/best-trampolines-for-adults/ we can very well get them on their apps. It is like a new and better window to get through to somebody or something.

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An app for everyone

An app for everyoneTechnology has changed its form and function ever since its inception. From being an assistant to help our lives function better and make our lives easier it has turned into something that we are dependent on for our lives to function at the least. It has turned its face from being a luxury into a necessity. It is something that is the most vital and inseparable part of our lives.

The plight of success and then with passage of time gradual dominance of technology on our lives has its foot marks in each and every phase and chapter of history. We just need to look more closely, that is all. Man had been in the eager pursuit to attain higher goals in their lives ever since they understood the meaning of life as something not very different than a competition, open for all. Since then man has been risking all to achieve t highest post and position on the rank, the highest rank in the ladder. He or she always is in the run to get the best for themselves and have the medal of their achievement pinned on their chest in private or in front of all in some prearranged ceremony.

In order to cope up with this rat race all we needed to do is to make ourselves updated with the most modern and advanced form of technology as there were no other option. The participation is compulsory, whether you like it or not. So the only thing that remains to be done, the only door opened in front of you is to upgrade to better and more new version. Get your software update, both for your device and your own self.

An app for everyoneApps these days are the answer to all questions that makes meaning in our lives. Whatever you need and whenever you need you just need to know which app is the best to do the stuff and voila! the job is done. Be it your music instruments or your things you do as hobby in your leisure you will get it all here. There are designated apps for every other thing now a day. From the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi to the electronic gadgets, from hotels and flight booking to things like finding the best date spot you have it all here and there is some app or other to get your job done. Even there are designated apps that will find you the right date itself. Well, that is some dream come true for a few and believe it, they are working really fine, rather working miracles.

Apps are the next best thing now. They are the most convenient way to communicate and lead a better life. They are the Newton’s apple of our age, something that really changed many lives and turned around our perception and how we look at things. It is the ultimate example to bring equality among all as everyone has been in front of it as you can get everything and have everything with the help of the app. Wonder what will happen to the World Wide Web?

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Top Apps to Manage Your Household

Smartphones – either using the iOS or Android – can contribute much to improving your household management. I am giving you a few apps that are most likely to help you optimizing your chores as well as keeping an eye on your household expenses.

Expenditure (iOS)

An app provides a simple and intuitive interface for recording your expenses and income. A new transaction is easily added by simply entering a new amount and selecting its type by pushing the red (expense) or the green (income) buttons. The app converts your currencies so you can use it even when travelling to other countries. You have multiple options for customizing such as sorting transactions by categories or attaching them to your e-mails which make this app fast and useful.

Home Routines (iOS)

The app helps you create highly-detailed checklists for various chores around your house. Its notifications and reminders act as a mobile personal assistant tracking down your responsibilities and tasks. The app offers a chance to break your home into ‘focus zones’ helping to make cleaning less overwhelming.

Purchx (iOS, Android)

The app helps to save your money and cut down on shopping stress by finding the best deals on-line and in-store. Now, when you are looking for some home, the app will offer a quick look at professional reviews, check side-by-side product comparisons, and compare local and online process. By the way, I have recently used this app before making a good deal on buying a new Rowenta steam iron for my household. The app offered to use this website as one of the places to compare various models and prices. At IRONEXPERTLABS, you’ll also come across many brands and user reviews which are actually quite helpful to choose the steam iron that fits you best.

Handy (iOS)

When you have no time or resources to fix or renovate something in your house, you can always check out Handy to order and schedule services like plumbing, painting, furniture assembly, and electrical work. With the help of the interface, you can specify your task details by selecting what exactly you want to be done and when. The app will immediately come with an answer containing the price and the schedule confirmation.

iHandy Carpenter (iOS)

Although many smartphones come loaded with built-in level tools, this app is perfect for DIY lovers as it features a plumb bob, a surface level, a bubbler lever bar, a ruler, and a protractor. These must-haves will turn your smartphone into a reliable tool for your DIY activities at home.

Fountain (iOS)

The app features a cool video chat service allowing you to connect with home improvement experts in real time and get advice on your projects. If you’re stuck on rearranging your backyard or simply are not sure how to proceed, use this app to show your issue to pros.

With these apps, the smartphone in your pocket may transform into an efficient household improvement tool. Whether you’re doing renovations or simply trace down your expenses, you can always find apps that will come in handy.

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Devices That Can Be Controlled With Apps

Bodyworn camera promotionAnyone who uses a smartphone or a similar electronic device knows how great apps can be. But since the market is expanding at such a fast pace, most of the time we’re probably not even aware of what’s going on.

Apart from playing games, learning languages, reading comics and organizing our schedule, there are so many things we can do with apps that it would take a really long article to list them all. That’s why this post will be focused on one small part of it all, namely, all the devices you can control simply by using your phone.

Here is a list of some of them.

Security cameras

There are plenty of apps that you can use to control a security camera. This will surely come in handy to all of you who own both a smartphone and a business, especially since security cameras themselves usually won’t be enough to protect you from any unwanted happenings. Just think how easier this makes for a person to gain control over every aspect of their business.

Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV set, you’ll be glad to hear that now it is possible to control it with your smartphone. Apple has released a Remote software that’s completely free and quite useful. It also has a neat feature that allows you to use your phone’s touch screen to move around the TV’s display. With this, watching TV has been made a lot more fun!

Sump pumps

For those of you who haven’t heard about them, sump pumps are devices that help you prevent the flooding of your crawlspace or basement, and can be found on sites like Sump Pump Judge. Pretty cool, right? But what makes it even better is the fact that now it can be controlled remotely, that is, via your phone. You can also monitor it to see what’s happening in your basement.

Digital cameras

Since you’re already allowed to control your TV with the help of your phone, why not make it even more interesting by hooking it up to your digital camera? In order to make this happen, the only thing you need to do is download the app and use your USB to connect the camera to your computer. By doing this, you’ll be able to control all the setting, and even click the shutter release.

Burglar alarms

If safety is your top priority, you’ll be thrilled to hear this. Nowadays there are burglar alarm systems that support apps, which can be used to control and monitor them. The allowed actions include turning the system off and on, as well as tracking activity history. By using this app, you’ll feel even safer than you did before.

Mouse and keyboard

If you’re really into gadgets and technology, you’ll love this one. It’s an app that lets you control the actions of both your mouse and keyboard. The app is programmed to turn the touch screen of your phone into a wireless trackpad that you can use with ease.

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Smartphones and sleep disturbances

If you own an iPhone or are going to buy one, avoid using the phone in bed as research has exposed that using smartphone during nighttime can mess with your sleeping pattern. The blue light emitted by personal electronic gadgets is linked to severe mental and physical problems.

Blue light issues

Blue light belongs to the light spectrum to which we are normally exposed to by sunlight daily. But this happens only during daytime. With the blue light in your electronic gadgets, you are exposed to the light at nighttime too. This can damage your vision. All smartphones, laptops, tablets and any other LED screen you use emits this blue light. Blue light suppresses melatonin hormone secretion resulting in change in the sleep pattern.

With altered sleep pattern, and low melatonin levels, your risk of contracting diseases such as depression and cancer goes up. The different electronic devices we use emit blue light, as it is the brightest and the only way the screens can be seen in broad daylight. But with continued use late into the night, the consequences can be quite damaging.

Nighttime light exposure

The damage to eyes is very significant. And surprising too. Retinal damage can occur when you are exposed to the blue light directly. Macular degeneration and resulting loss of central vision can happen when retina is damaged.  But one reassuring fact about this finding is that the damage occurs only when the light is held too close to the retina, which does not happen with smartphones.

Cataract formation

While cataract is a phenomenon seen in older age group with the increase in blue light exposure more and more, 35-year-old people are reporting with cataract formation. The link between the blue light and cataract formation has not yet been proven.

While led lights are harmful when exposed at close range, they are however of great help in many situations. For instance, the CREE LED LIGHTS help in increased visibility, while you are driving at night ensuring you drive safely.

Sleep disturbance

A good night’s sleep is essential for the body to repair its cells and stay healthy.  The blue light disrupts sleep cycle by disrupting melatonin hormone secretion in the brain. The hormone is produced only when you are preparing for sleep. The light interferes with this and messes up your sleep pattern. This can result in many issues including obesity, memory defects, and genetic disruption.

Increased disease risk

High risk of cancer has been associated with the increased exposure to light at night. This is particularly true in case of prostate and breast cancers. Melatonin, which helps in sleep induction, is also a good antioxidant. Hence, disruption of the hormone results in increased free radicals and cancer. Uninterrupted darkness is necessary for complete protection from cancer, according to some of the studies conducted in this field.

Mental health is also affected, as people who have suppressed melatonin levels are more susceptible to depression. While blue light does cause all the above damages, it need not be banned entirely. There are instance where it can be good for health too. While it stops melatonin production, it also signals the brain to produce more of the melatonin later.

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Top DIY apps for your iPhone

Top DIY apps for your iPhoneDIY projects are based on how you view them, either as a very satisfying way of spending your pastime or a necessary chore that you have to complete irrespective of whether you like it or not. Whether you love DIY projects or just about tolerate them, knowing what it takes to complete the job swiftly and satisfactorily will help a great deal.

Most often people try using various or sometimes all the tools in their tool box or buy DIY books to know more about the job at hand. Now everything is simplified with the iPad or iPhone apps you get now.

You can find many apps that act as measuring tools helping you to keep track of the large projects and show you the exact amount of wallpaper or paint you need. From choosing the right tiles for your bathroom to any other home improvement you have in mind, these apps give the right guidance making your DIY project proceed smoothly.

With so many apps to choose from, knowing the right one for you is a challenging task indeed. Here are some essential DIY apps that help you get on with your project and complete it in record time.

Handy Man DIY

This app for iPod and iPhone helps to manage any project from redecorating your living room to adding an extension to your kitchen. The app is organized in such a way that you can create separate tasks initially and work on them quickly. With handy tools such as the sturdy reciprocating saws, your job will be made more efficient.

Home DIY with Craig Philips

This app is for iPod touch and iPhone. The DIY videos cover topics such as tiling, laminate flooring, and wallpapering. The project section has shopping lists, images and to do lists. The calculation feature helps you know the paint, tiles and wallpaper you will need. You also have the spirit level. The calculation can be done for specific projects too. However, the videos are the main attraction in this app with the slick presentation and enthusiastic delivery by Craig Phillips.

Screwfix Toolbox

This app has online shopping tips and tools. You can find several useful tools in this app along with tutorials and online shopping. The calculator helps in knowing the amount of material you need for a particular room, patio, or fence you are building and the cost. The calculator also gives you the BTU per hour for any room, so you can know the number of radiators needed. And the app has QR code scanner and spirit level. With the aid of the app and handy tools such as the MILWAUKEE reciprocating saw, your project is sure to be a big success.

You can find several other specific project apps such as the Décor Advisor app, which helps you find the right roller or brush for your painting project. And you have the Photo Measure, which gives the exact measurements of any picture you take such as a fence, boat, room or any other area. And there is the plumbing app, which helps you with videos on troubleshooting all your plumbing problems from dealing with a leaky faucet to making your toilet flush properly.

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Putting Your Apps to Good Use

Multiple figures with crossbow, regular bow and other hunting equipmentYoung or old, ok, mostly young folks, have them these days. Smart-phones and smarter devices purportedly to help them through their daily lives which they say have become more complex and challenging. Some say it is like a breath of fresh air to distract them from their immediate surroundings.

Sensible people (or so they thought at the time) sometimes express irritation and annoyance when they encounter these smart (much younger) folks.

They say that this young chap is not working; he is playing with his device. Or they may say; how rude. This may happen when the younger participant in a discussion or conversation quickly turns to her phone while the other person is still talking.

Sense and sensibility?

Did any of these ‘sensible’ folks ever stop and wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes? Take these scenarios, for instance. The young chap mentioned earlier may have been looking up some important information which is going to help him complete his task a little quicker and efficiently. The terminal he has in front of him has proved to be of little or no use owing to archaic corporate regulations which constrain workers rather than empower them.

The polite young lady, the silent one, could have quickly been looking up info to a poser given to her by the noisier functionary in that small circle. She may not have been trying to prove a point but, modest in her shortfall of knowledge, is willing to shed new light on said poser. Back to the old-fashioned folks. It is true that many smart device users overcompensate. It is also quite true that, whether out of boredom or loneliness, folks sometimes download tons of apps, games mostly, that actually has little or no benefit to them and runs counter to the purpose of their daily lives.

Empower yourself

The point has been made. Put your apps to good use. One of the best innovations of modern technology has been the creation of hundreds of apps which can all be downloaded and compressed into one, small, singular device. A well-known legend had his designs on ‘simplifying things’ for everybody. While he did succeed in his mission, the idea means a lot more than the analogy. Rather, the rallying term that is used more today is to ‘empower yourself’.

Your curious mind could dig a little deeper to find out more about crossbow myths and other interesting facts and figures on non-technical devices such as hammers and clubs which all have their origins in hunting ambitions rather than purpose-driven building enterprises. You could be learning about algorithms while calculating exchange rates and putting together a budget plan. You could even learn a new language so that you are well-armed for your first trip abroad.

For smart people like you

Smart apps are for smart people like you and me. They are not toys and should always be used to broaden your knowledge and help you with a multitude of tasks which you never had use for before, mainly because you didn’t know how. Now you do.

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Best Apps For People With Office Jobs

Best Apps For People With Office Jobs

In today’s fast tracked world, it has become increasingly hard for working people to live without stress. Living a healthy life can be even more challenging if you’re working in an office. So, having that in mind, it is even more challenging to come up with some good apps whose purpose is to keep people in a good physical condition. We all have to take care of ourselves and these apps help us do it.

  1. Digifit iCardio

One of them is Digifit iCardio. It is a useful app for young and elderly people. It is a workout tracker that can track if you gain or lose weight, your heart rate and speed or route while you’re training. We all want that little fairy which will take care how much calories we are burning. Finally we have one.

  1. Fooducate

A simple and useful app for everyone who wants to care for their own health. More and more people are willing to put a little bit of effort into learning what they are eating. Fooducate is doing exactly that. It is giving you information about what you’re eating and whether it’s good for you. It can scan barcodes and give you information behind the food which you’re interested in.  And, of course, it gives you a food nutrition grade.

  1. Hotseat

An interesting app which is a bit different from others is Hotseat! Everyone loves breaks. This app does exactly that. Using nudges and gameplay it gives workers two minute breaks whose purpose is to put the worker in a stress free zone for a short period of time, in which the worker can feel free and get better stimulation to work. If you don’t want to have your health suffer because of prolonged sitting in front of the computer, and don’t want to have to buy a back brace from sites like this one, you can simply select a physical activity which you like to do and give yourself an antidote for cancer, kidney and liver disease, heart attack and all of those other stress causing diseases. Many of us are not willing to work out and be healthy, if we are not given an easy way out. Hotseat is exactly that.

  1. BreakPal

A fun app which will not give you opportunity to forget that to be in good health, you need to exercise from time to time. At one point when you don’t expect it, BreakPal pops out on your computer screen and reminds you that you have an obligation to your body. Simple and fun, for both children and adults. All you have to do is to pick a video of your choice and start to stretch yourself. You can choose anything from simple stretching to a loud breathing. Just be careful, if you start doing yoga in an office, someone may consider you a bit crazy.

  1. DeskActive

Fun! That is one word this 3D animated app gives you. Choose from 300 animated stretches which are perfect for an office job. Anytime, give yourself a break and put your leg and arm in different positions. Simple! If that is not enough for you, it can give you about a 1000 different tips regarding your health. So, get started and give yourself a fun and new way to feel better.

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Four Apps for Wannabe Pilots

Four Apps for Wannabe Pilots

I guess one of the childhood dreams of many boys is to fly an airplane. Although not everyone is lucky enough to fly a real aircraft (probably the only real thing a non-pilot can fly is a quadcopter), anyone can experience how it feels to fly one through their iPhone and iPad.

There are a lot of flight simulation apps that you can find from the App Store. If you are an aviation aficionado or a wannabe pilot, you’ll likely find the following fantastic apps worth your penny and your smartphone’s memory:

  1. Infinite Flight

One of the most talked about flight simulation apps, Infinite Flight is the closest thing non-pilots can experience flying an aircraft. The flight sim has 18 plans to play, as well as three carefully rendered locations and with over 170 different airports. Aside from the detailed flight-planning component, the pilot also has a number of variables to consider that include visibility, wind speed, yoke assists and many more. But perhaps, the best thing about this app is its developer’s commitment to stay in touch with its users and reply their feedback.

  1. X-Plane 9

If you like to earn a virtual certification that you can brag about, X-Plane 9 is the one you need to download. This game is originally for Macs and PCs but has since moved to mobile phones. The game has the most sophisticated physics engine and features diverse locations. Pass challenges to earn an in-game FCC accreditation. Well, it doesn’t give you a permit to fly a real aircraft but is an achievement that you can take pride of. The app likewise has different support apps that can add depth to the flight simulation experience.

  1. F-Sim Space Shuttle

This app relives the Space Shuttle and enables players to experience the thrill of launching it to the outer space. It has a superb graphic that makes the most of the high-resolution screen of your iPad. You can choose to be the captain or a spectator. Enjoy the graphic treat as the spacecraft surges up away from the earth and towards the stars. The flight sim app has a simple goal of bringing home the girl safely to Earth.

  1. Flight Unlimited

There is no other flight simulation app that features as many landscapes as this app. Fly across the gorgeous world on any of the two accurately rendered aircrafts: the Challenger 300 Jet and the Cessna 172. You are even challenged to land a plane safely on a busy single-lane airport. But for this game, you will need to have more recent versions of iPads or iPhones.

So there you go, four of the best flight simulation apps that you can find in the App Store. But if these apps aren’t enough and you really want to fly a real aircraft, you can try Syma X5 quadcopter (check its review here). Flying this quadcopter will definitely satiate your desire to be a pilot!

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